Interview: Alisen Down

You’ve seen Alisen Down in action before—she’s in too many things for you not to have seen her. Like what? Oh, Battlestar Galactica, DaVinci’s Inquest, Stephen King’s Dead Zone, Stargate SG-1, Smallville, Flashpoint, Shattered, The L Word, The Killing, CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries, Lost Girl, Supernatural, Haven . . . and we could go on.

Fun news: you’re about to see her once more. She’s playing Kathy Eaton, town paper editor, in the upcoming Gracepoint, which is an adaptation of Broadchurch, probably the best miniseries we saw last year. Haven’t seen it? Well, binge-watch it before Gracepoint debuts. In the mean time, here’s Alisen Down:

DailyXY: Your character is a bit of a departure from the original in Broadchurch—how does that change the story?

Alisen Down: Yes, I am younger than the original character in a Broadchurch. The producers wanted to cast older but really liked my audition and so decided to change my look in order to “age me up” to play Kathy. Other than a physical change, the trajectory of my character remained the same.  

What’s the challenge in remaking such a critically acclaimed series, especially so soon after it aired?

Well a lot of people really loved Broadchurch and I definitely want to honour that by making a good show! But I truly think we succeeded in making a really beautiful piece. The fans of Broadchurch will soon also be Gracepoint fans. 

You’re working with a lot of critically acclaimed actors and actresses—what are your table reads like?

I can tell you what I am like at those table reads: like a kid in a candy store! It’s a dream come true to work with each and every one of my cast mates. 

You’ve had a pretty colourful career—who has been your favourite character?

I loved a movie I did for CTV with Chris Haddock called “The Life.” That project will always be close to my heart. 

What’s your favourite cocktail?

Give me a nice glass of red wine, not too sweet, not too dry. 

Gracepoint premieres on October 2. 

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