Is Your Girlfriend Ashamed of You?

Making your girlfriend blush isn’t always a good thing. Does she find you wildly embarrassing? Here’s how to tell. (Disclaimer: If your girlfriend pulls more than one of these, maybe find a new one?)

Your Clothes: She suggests that the two of you go shopping together – for something very specific. If she’s proposing you shop for a particular item, said item in your wardrobe probably makes her cringe. (“We should totally go jeans shopping. How great would it be to have new jeans?!”)

Your Moves: You can tell a lot about the way a man is in bed by the way he dances. And even if she knows you’re far better lying down, in the dark, she may not be able to help but squirm if you’re a dance floor disaster. Signs include: She never feels like dancing, unless it’s “just with the girls.” Or, less subtly, she asks you to tone it down.

Your Job: If she’s ashamed of what you do for a living, she may give a skewed version of the truth to her friends. And this might get back to you. If her friend says to you, “I hear you’re thinking of giving up bartending to go to law school,”– and you’re not – run.

You: If your girlfriend doesn’t want you to accompany her to an event because, say, you make bad jokes, or get inappropriately drunk, she’ll likely opt for a passive-aggressive approach, rather than tell you to stay home. Something like, “Baby, you’re welcome to come, I just think you’d be really bored.”

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  1. ummm well i read you little letter on “is your girlfriend embarrassed by you” and id have to say no but weve been together now for 5 years and we have 2 children. The last 8 months to a year ive found to be a mission juss to get laid or even intimate her in anyway shape or form! you got any advise on this maybe a SURE trick or move cause a hole in the wall looks good about now!!!!

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