Long Distance Relationships

You may have heard that long distance relationships don’t work, but before you rule out getting involved with an out-of-towner, consider this: many of the most interesting women out there are open to giving LDRs a shot. Here are the main reasons why:

1. LDRs allow time for other things: Women who are in busy phases of their careers or studies often need time to themselves. An LDR has these blocks of time built in, so there’s no need for apologies, and no one feels neglected.

2. LDRs are romantic: Knowing a guy is willing to travel distance for you (or wait patiently while you travel distance to him), automatically adds romance to a date. The further the distance, the greater the anticipation of arrival…

3. LDRs are old-fashioned in a good way: There’s something quaint about not being able to see someone every minute of every day, and this often induces the time-tested throw-back gestures women love. Think: sending flowers or snail mail.

4. LDRs last longer: When it comes to relationships, most women prefer to travel by slow train, rather than jet plane. LDRs just naturally have a greater longevity and a slower pace. It’s always nice to say that you’ve been dating someone for months rather than weeks.

5. LDRs spark passion: Let’s just say that absence really can make the heart grow fonder. There’s no kiss quite as sweet as the one you’ve been imagining for weeks.

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