The Beauty of Belly Catering

If you see “For a great experience call Nicole at…” etched into the walls of your gym’s locker room, think of it as a public service announcement. Nicole Kruzick, head foodie of Belly Catering is a culinary MacGyver. With her various services, she will elevate you from just being able to prepare an Eggo to whipping up a frittata; or if you already know the meaning of chiffonade, she can refine your sabayon making skills.

First there’s a meeting where she understands your culinary needs, any food allergies and dietary restrictions. Together you then devise a three-course menu. The field trip to the market follows. She introduces you to her butcher and fishmonger, who give you a short lesson, thus establishing a relationship. So when you return they’ll remember you, and it’ll be effortless. After shopping, you pop back to your pad where the cooking begins with step-by-step instruction. She then disappears and leaves you to wow your girl, parents-in-law or buddies. If you hate shopping, Nicole will show up with the groceries. Ain’t she sweet?

But here’s where she takes the cake (pun non-intentional): if you wish to only crank the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, she’ll deliver the food all pre-made and prettied-up; all you have to do is heat and serve. It’s like having a hot mom (who neither lives with you nor nags about cleaning your room).

So if you wish to satisfy your urban appetite, call Nicole at Belly. It’ll be the best hook-up ever!

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