Poll Results: Does Marriage Matter?

Last week, we polled more than 500 of our readers for their views on marriage. Here’s what we learned:

Does marriage matter?

Don’t believe the hype: Marriage is not, in fact, dead – at least according to our readers. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) still consider that age-old institution of monogamy to be important. But let’s not overlook the other 27 percent – the free-lovin’ marriage rejecters. Without them, who would throw the epic bachelor parties? More importantly, who would the married guys live through vicariously?

Would you want your wife to take your last name?

Times have changed: Our readers are split on the surname question. More than half of you (54 percent) progressive dudes have little aspiration of ever becoming Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so. But won’t somebody think of the children?

Would you be a stay-at-home dad?

Laundry, diapers, breast milk: None of that messy stuff phases the staggering 71 percent of you who say they’d be prepared to be a stay-at-home dad. Either that, or the allure of yoga, lattes and yogilates is too great to resist.

What if your lady earned more than you?

Hail the sugar mama! If there’s anything our guys agreed on, it’s that being top breadwinner isn’t necessary: More than 90 percent of you claimed that you wouldn’t be embarrassed if your lady brought home more bacon than you. You must be coming to grips with the changing reality of the workplace. Either that, or you really want a new flatscreen.

Who cooks and cleans in your house?

Remember the good old days when your evening responsibilities consisted of drinking Scotch and reading the paper? Well, neither do the majority of our readers. Of guys who cohabitate, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) do at least half the cooking and cleaning. It sure doesn’t leave much time to watch football, does it?

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3 thoughts on “Poll Results: Does Marriage Matter?”

  1. Cooking and cleaning might not leave much room for football, but she thinks it’s hot that I help. And then there is far more pleasurable physical activity at night – which in my ever so humble opinion is way more fun than any football game! 😉

  2. Curious why 27 percent of the guys who don’t want to get married even looked at a marriage survey… thats 27 percent less quality on the bachelor parties they’re planning. Can anyone say, Belle-Vegas?

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