Happy Un-Valentine’s Day!

Congratulations. Your unsentimental, anti-establishment girlfriend dismisses Valentine’s Day as nothing more than a hollow corporate scheme. But if you think you’re out of the V-day woods, you, my friend, are sadly mistaken. You may be exempt from shelling out for chocolates and flowers, but even the most free-spirited gal probably wants a romantic gesture from her man on this sacred commercial day. Here’s how to give her what she (secretly) craves:

Bake: No matter how cynical the woman, no matter how radical her politics, cookies are a delicious language that everyone speaks. Plus, she can bring them to work and ward off the V-Day peer pressure cooker.

Surprise: Show up at her office unexpectedly for a quick romantic lunch. Or, meet her at the end of the day to commute home together. You’ll get points for spontaneity, and she’ll be touched that you wanted to break up the workday with some quality time.

Pleasure: You should be bringing her pleasure all the time, mind you. But Valentine’s Day, like birthdays, and Tuesdays, is a great occasion to work your magic.

Cook: Making dinner will take more effort than those cookies, but you know she likes to see you sweat. Spring for a nice wine and you’ll still be ahead relative to a fancy restaurant affair.

Submit: You know that thing she’s been bugging you about for weeks? Give in. Whether it’s finally attending that couples’ yoga class or going to her annoying friend’s house for a potluck, today’s the day to give her exactly what she wants.

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1 thought on “Happy Un-Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Some good tips which continue to show that V Day is really a one way holiday of the guy proving his love to his lady. Sorry a little jaded by V day.
    I do question the surprise suggestion for 2010. How many Ladies are working on a Sunday? Some sure but not a lot. (My ex did and she expected me to be at her work since she is a minister). So save that suggestion for 2011.

    I like my Lady and I do. Exchange small gifts and cards and then do fun things together. Somehow saying we love each other everyday makes V day less important.

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