Signs She Wants to be More than Friends

Billy Crystal, in When Harry Met Sally, famously said, “Men and women can’t be friends.” And yet, so much of modern life defies this notion. Take, for example, your own close female friend. She watches sports. She drinks beer. She is, to you, one of the guys. And that’s how she sees you, right? Maybe not. Here, how to tell if your gal pal is harbouring a secret crush.

1. She looks good.
She’s pretty anyway, but her sweats and runners have been replaced with skinny jeans and high heels. You haven’t seen her without makeup in weeks. If she’s making an effort to look good for you, it may be a sign.

2. She’s always available.
Your standard bi-weekly beer night’s been replaced with multiple, often spontaneous hangouts. She’s suddenly willing to drop things just because you called, and is inviting you to tag along with her own social plans a lot more than she used to.

3. She’s thinking of you.
Well, not only that, she is telling you she is thinking about you. If that text arrives –?or worse, a phone call – then the signs are all there. Similarly, tipsy, late-night text messages indicate that she might be seeing you in a new light.

4. She’s suddenly a super fan.
For a girl who’s never picked up a controller before, she’s suddenly awfully intent on mastering Call of Duty with you. Her newfound interest in your passions may reflect a newfound interest in you.

Image courtesy of carl.jones.

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