Sleep Goggles

Women seem more into you when you’ve had too much to drink, right? Well, now researchers are saying that the same might hold true for when you’ve had too little sleep.

In a study (page 98; pdf warning) published in Sleep, researchers found that men who are sleep deprived are more likely to think that women are into them, whilst the same was not true of sleep deprived women. Researchers had sixty students, thirty-one men and twenty-nine women, complete a survey with questions like “When a man (or woman) goes out to a bar, how likely is it that he (or she) is interested in finding someone to have sex with that night?” They also had to rate their agreement with statements like “A typical woman needs to know that a man loves her before she is willing to have sex with him.”

The participants then had to remain awake for the night, totalling thirty-one hours of wakefulness. They then repeated the questions. Under normal circumstances, both sexes rated the sexual intent and sexual interest of women as quite a bit lower than that of men. When sleep deprived, men’s rating of women’s sexual intent and interest increased significantly.

So, next time you catch the redeye to London, maybe holster the James Bond act for a day—because she’s probably not into you, no matter what you think.


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