Texting is Ruining Your Relationship

Want to measure a man’s relationship stability? See how often he’s texting. If he’s doing it a lot, he isn’t happy. And, just because heterosexual relationships are hilarious, the opposite is true for women.

The study, published in the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy, surveyed 276 young adults about their relationship and communication technology habits. They found that women who texted frequently had positive relationship stability, men who texted frequently had negative relationship stability, and that fighting via text message diminishes men’s feeling of attachment to their partners.

Of course, it isn’t all doom and gloom out there in the world of technology and romantic relationships (although there is some doom and gloom). As we’ve said in the past, with a little sense you can handle the digital part of your relationship with a bit of forethought, but if that fails, stick to old-fashioned face-to-face communication. Then you can screw up in real time!


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