What to Get Her (and When)

There’s a fine art to selecting presents for your lady, and much depends on how long you’ve been dating. If her birthday falls within the first couple months of your relationship, don’t fret. Here, a time-sensitive guide to gifts that will have her gushing.

If you’ve been dating for…

Zero to three months
Don’t go overboard. Give her a “gift of experience.” If she’s into music, get her tickets to a show (her favourite band, not yours). If you snagged a snow bunny, get lift passes. Not sure? A massage is always safe. Get the physical tickets and slide them into a card with a nice message. Now your only decision is whether to sign the card “Love.”

Three to six months
Show her you’ve been listening: Get a “replacement present.” Did she break her iPod? Grab a new one, and throw in a slick case. Does her yoga mat look ragged? Roll into Lululemon for a fresh one.

Six months to a year
It could be time for the gift that keeps on giving: lingerie. Avoid anything with a hole in the crotch, and, to be really sure, bring her along to ensure you get the right look and fit. Throw in some aromatherapy massage oil for good measure.

More than a year
The time has come for jewelry. By now, you should know if she goes for arty handmade stuff or bling from Tiffany’s. No? Take some pictures of her treasures, and show them to the girls at the boutiques; they’ll be thrilled to help such a resourceful guy.

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