When Men Cry

If The Cure has taught us anything, it’s that boys don’t cry. But even if you’ve got the big strong man thing down cold, there are times when you need not hide your tears. Times when it’s not only okay, but maybe even a bit sexy, to cry like a girl in front of the girls. Here’s when.

When we’re parting: I’m moving to China for the year, and we’re determined to make the long distance work. There’s bound to be a dramatic airport scene that involves weeping, and it would be nice if you were to get at least a bit choked up. We’ll appreciate an unabashed display of emotion that lets us know that you’ll miss us nearly as much as we’ll miss you.

During a sad movie: If you shed some tears at a pivotal moment during a heavy, heart-wrenching film, we’ll be impressed by your sensitivity and depth. The same, however, cannot be said if it’s during every movie. Or cell phone commercials.

When we’re breaking up: Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but we would hope that the ending of our relationship would yield some sniffling on both sides – no matter who’s doing the dumping.

When we wed: The day we decide to actually marry each other, we’d be happy for you to mark the significance of the milestone with some genuine tears. This shows us that you understand the huge, life-altering step that we’re taking together – just make sure those are tears of joy, partner.

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3 thoughts on “When Men Cry”

  1. Thanks Gretchen, for the reminder that there are sane, emotionally healthy women out there. But I’ll share this one strange and contrary example with you. After I had a very emotional response to a film, my ex responded with quite a bit of anger and suspicion. When I questioned her about this, her reply was, “Boys only cry when they’re leaving.”
    Luckily she is now my ex, and I’m with a woman who knows that human emotions are available to all humans.

  2. I love it when a man cries. It shows he’s in touch with his feelings. If it’s pouting and selfish crying, that’s not cool, but purely expressing sweet emotion is both tender and, yes, sexy.

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