Why Women Cheat

The notion that women are less inclined to cheat than men is as ridiculous as the idea that we don’t like sex as much as you. Truth is, we cheat. And we love sex. While DailyXY’s infidelity poll, conducted last month, shows most of you get that we’re equally capable of committing carnal crimes, perhaps you’ve yet to uncover the manifold reasons – which often transcend a simple desire for sex. Don’t be a cuckold; read this story to learn why women cheat.

Foreign Lands
Sexy accents – and the anonymity of booze-fueled adventures abroad – have an incredible capacity to induce impulsive indiscretions. Whether it’s a 20-something model on a Milanese dance floor or a Romanian farmhand in the barn, she’ll justify the romp as meaningless and assume you won’t find out. You probably won’t.

You’re Boring Her

…sexually. Perhaps you’ve fallen into a tedious missionary rut. Or maybe you’re bad in bed. Either way, if you’re not satisfying her, she’ll find someone who will.

Replacement Shopping
She’s afraid to be single, but wants out of your relationship. She’s seeking your replacement, aiming for a seamless transition into a new relationship. Get ready for the double whammy of emotional and sexual infidelity.

She’s Insecure
If she doesn’t trust that you’re committing, either emotionally or sexually, she may aim to protect herself by seeking attention elsewhere. If she senses your reluctance to invest in a future together, cheating is an attempt for her to gain some sense of security.

She’s a Nymphomaniac

Get her some therapy. Or just enjoy the ride as long as you can.

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11 thoughts on “Why Women Cheat”

  1. ok, I give up! Your comments have a glib demeanor that hides its sour message. I hope your attitude is not indicative of all women. It seems regular guys don’t stand a chance. Well, maybe you think you’re being funny. In the end I think you’re being cruel and playing with men’s emotions. Your comments make me saddened and disappointed.

  2. Wow! I think you got em all!!!.. I especially identify with #1. I wish every guy would read this. I think your writing is engaging and not “glib.” How insulting. I wonder why blackdonnelly read this in the first place… touched a little too close to home?

  3. I will admit that these are the most common reasons for cheating for men and women. That being said, is it not pointless to cheat. I would like to see an article on growing up and breaking up with someone if you are unhappy. Or am I being unrealistic?

  4. Frankly, most guys I know could care less if their woman had the odd sexual fling (it is fair to say, if we were to find out, it would be because she didn’t care to hide it–thats a bigger problem)–really, it only takes the pressure off of us. It’s if they get some feeling of entitlement to it, rather than using their words to communicate with us, that it becomes really a form of sociopathy.

    Alternatively, it’s just a matter of: our society is raising whores.

  5. Well, as interesting as this was, I still read about a study that was done about the male mind. They found that Males were ‘wired’ or genetically prone to cheat more than women. Its in their DNA; so to speak. I don’t know if its true or not, but it would make sense in my mind that men are more likely to do it. Its an animalistic thing. Plenty of wild animals don’t mate for life either.

  6. This article is based on nothing empirical. it’s just typical off-the-top-of-your-head, Cosmo bullshit..

  7. Thanks for the insights. I tend, since I am a Mindfulness Coach as well as RMT, toward the “Nymphomaniac” theory, however since “Nymphomania” is as rare a condition as “Priapism”, I would suggest that it’s merely a manifestation of yet another manner in which we people attempt to take care of ourselves through “negative coping skills”. in other words, we try to fill our emptiness & numb our inner pain through excessive behaviours like substance use, sex, eating, gambling, all the cornucopia of so called “delights” our culture offers us to keep us from thinking too much about what’s really important.

    The “shingling” or shopping for the “replacement” partner while still in the relationship is regrettable & extremely painful, as you attest, but I feel it is still a compulsion based behaviour or relationship cycle informed by the drug like feelings of all that estrogen, testosterone & endorphins of the seduction & the “falling in love” experiences. probably,, I expect many of us are copying what was modeled for us by the adults around us when we were young, whether in the media or the home.

    Just sayin’…


    Harry Steel RMT

  8. The Replacement Shopping comment Really drew my attention. It calls to mind a phrase “Women are like monkeys, they will not let go of one branch until they grab a hold of another” Then women wonder why men go ballistic. Of course a guy is going to get pissed if you don’t even take time to hurt and think when breaking up, but, rather, seek comfort in another male that is F*ucking you.

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