Changing terror laws, but for the better?

Since 2,996 people were murdered in the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Canada has passed a fairly comprehensive set of counter-terrorism laws. The last update was in C-51 in 2015, and a review is underway in Parliament – as the Liberals promised. How much will they change, and why? Counter-terrorism almost invariably … Read More

Reality will catch up with runaway political correctness

News came from Oxford this week where the University’s ‘Equality and Diversity Unit” opined that those who failed to look other people in the eye were guilty of racism. Meanwhile, Americans were reminded yet again that women who breastfeed their babies are promoting rigid gender roles. The insanity of political correctness continues. … Read More

The glory of Quebec and of Canada that all of us should remember

While the Quebecois – thanks in part to the Orange Lodge bigotry of Sir Sam Hughes – were less inclined than other Canadians to fight in World War One, they were certainly not absent. The attitude carried over into the World War Two, but again, there were many Quebecois who fought … Read More

Training soldiers how to endure torture and escape captivity is brutal and necessary

Recently, CBC news aired a story about abuse of Canadian soldiers on escape and evasion exercises in the 1980s and ‘90s. As so often happens with contemporary journalism, knowing nothing about the subject is no bar to blithering about it, and the reporters hunted around for a couple of talking heads … Read More

More Russian bear sightings in the Canadian Artic

The bears in question are Tupolev Tu-95 Russian bombers – with the NATO code-name “Bear.” So, what are Russian nuclear bombers doing mucking around in the Canadian Arctic? The Bear Bomber has been around since 1956, and was first intended as a nuclear bomber… and it carried some whoppers in … Read More

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