Be the Wine Guy

Buying a bottle of wine can be a little unnerving. Choosing what goes with white and what goes with red is only the beginning. There’s the money and learning curve.

Calgary’s perpetual labour shortage does not exactly attract budding sommeliers to work the local liquor store registers. So whom do you ask?

There are two wine hotspots for wine and whiskey intelligence in Calgary: one is the Kensington Wine Store, on Kensington Road, which has an astonishing selection of wines, single malts and helpful, intelligent staff who happily provide you with a inside wine info. Without the attitude.

The other is Willow Park Wine and Spirits, which has a couple different locations in the city. Both places feature grape-savvy staffs and astonishing selection. And if you hit the Kensington Wine Market on the right Saturday afternoon? It can be excellent place to meet someone to share a bottle with.

Trust us. A little wine insight goes a long way with wine-sipping women.

Kensington Wine Market, 1257 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, (403) 283-8000.

Willow Park Wines and Spirits, 10801 Bonaventure Drive SW (296-1640) or 4012 Bow Trail (777-1234).

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