Black-ops Reputation Management, the Productivity Problem, and Game of Thrones

“There are good reasons for any species to think darkly of its own extinction. Ninety-nine percent of the species that have lived on Earth have gone extinct, including more than five tool-using hominids.”

How to Be Prolific: Guidelines for Getting it Done from Joss WhedonFast Company
“The writer-producer-director who made Much Ado About Nothing while editing The Avengers, and who’ll return to TV this fall with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,knows a bit about “getting things done.” In fact, he cites David Allen’s book of that title as an important guide–even if he never finished reading it.”

Is Game of Thrones Better As a Show or a Series of Books?Grantland
“Why would I want to wade around in the shallow end and thumb my nose at the people diving off the high board? Up until Season 3, I was always busy marking off similarities to the books, but now I’m free to be shocked and moved without precondition.”

I Know What You Think of Methe New York Times
“I’ve often thought that the single most devastating cyberattack a diabolical and anarchic mind could design would not be on the military or financial sector but simply to simultaneously make every e-mail and text ever sent universally public.”

Scrubbed New York Magazine
“I watched online as a college classmate went from disgrace to redemption in months. That’s when I found myself deep in the world of black-ops reputation management.”

Machines Cant’ Flow: The Difference Between Human and Mechanical ProductivityThe Atlantic
“We tend to think of productivity as maximizing output or quantity. How much can we accomplish? How many emails, calls, and meetings can we power through? We work hard to sync our productivity with time-management techniques.”

The Science of Why We Don’t Believe in ScienceMother Jones
“This tendency toward so-called “motivated reasoning” helps explain why we find groups so polarized over matters where the evidence is so unequivocal: climate change, vaccines, “death panels,” the birthplace and religion of the president (PDF), and much else. It would seem that expecting people to be convinced by the facts flies in the face of, you know, the facts.”


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