Uncomfortable about Google Glass, and More

Through the Watching Glass – Medium “There’s a case to be made that wearable technology can connect oneself to one’s environment more than it isolates, by providing context that we otherwise wouldn’t see. But often it’s the rest of the world that bears the burden of that. The data ones face collects could … Read More

How To Respond if Someone Holds a Gun to Your Head, and More

How to Respond if Someone Holds a Gun to Your Head – Business Insider “Most important: Stay. Calm. There is no way you’re going to remember all of the stuff I’m about to say, but if you remember anything, remember to remain calm. If clarity of thought was ever important, … Read More

Pure Meth, Robot Poker, and a 300 Pound Albanian Rapper

Bloodlines – Texas Observer “Not long after the sale of Dashin Follies, there was a knock on Tyler Graham’s door. The man said he was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Standing in Graham’s living room, the FBI agent began quizzing him about horses he’d purchased for Treviño. The agent … Read More

Water Witching, Caffeine Creativity, and Outlawing Tipping

“I Was a Nazi and Here’s Why” – the New Yorker Not many ex-Nazis have been clear and honest about why they did what they did, but Melita Maschmann is an exception. Our Dad, the Water Witch of Wyoming – Collector’s Weekly “For most people, the practice of dowsing for … Read More

Black-ops Reputation Management, the Productivity Problem, and Game of Thrones

Omens – Aeon “There are good reasons for any species to think darkly of its own extinction. Ninety-nine percent of the species that have lived on Earth have gone extinct, including more than five tool-using hominids.” How to Be Prolific: Guidelines for Getting it Done from Joss Whedon – Fast … Read More

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