Beer Bellies Are A Myth

Some heartwarming research has come from the University of California: Beer bellies are a myth, meaning the idea that beer magically targets your gut just isn’t true, according to Popular Science

The study cites the fact that most of the calories in beer comes from the alcohol content. Seeing how all alcohol is essentially the same, calorie-wise, beer doesn’t make your gut bigger than any other alcoholic beverage. The idea that beer somehow makes you gain weight is because of how much is consumed.

“You are drinking it in more quantities than wine or liquor, so you tend to have more caloric intake,” says Dr. Aliyah Sohani, an alcohol researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. So it’s not the beer itself that causes the beer belly, but the person’s habits and lifestyle.

Researchers of the study say that frequent beer drinkers will also likely eat red meat in higher quantities, which is also a major factor . So if you’ve got a beer belly, don’t blame the brew. 


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