James Bond is a Raging Drunk

We love nearly everything about James Bond. His cars, his women, his sartorial sensibility, his shameless product tie-ins . . . and we especially love his ability to casually drink on the job, despite his bastardized choice of martini. However, according to scientists, James Bond is a raging alcoholic who drinks enough to be classified amongst the worst of problem drinkers, with a high risk of liver damage, early death, and impotence.

In a tongue-in-cheek study published in the British Medical Journal, scientists found that Bond drinks ninety-two units of alcohol in a week—approximately four times the highest recommended amount. They found this by reading fourteen James Bond novels, tallying every drink and every day. After excluding the amount of time Bond spends in prison, hospital, or in rehab, they worked out that Bond consumes 1,150 drinks in eighty-eight days.

His largest bender occurs in From Russia With Love, when, one day, he drinks a whopping fifty drinks. He still manages to get the Spektor device to London, despite playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with Soviet agents aboard the Orient Express.


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