Montreal Wedding Ceremonies: Non-Churches

A wedding is a wedding is a wedding. Sure, someone might have a few things to say about the flower arrangements but, really, top priority after the getting hitched part involves ensuring that the food/drink and entertainment components go off hitchless. When you can’t rely on Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn to complete your holy day of matrimony, there’s little else to do but to take matters into your own hands. Here are some local, secular suggestions.

Plaza Antique
Far from holding true to its name, Plaza Antique is anything but antiquated. If you’re looking to “wow” your friends and family, look no further than this swanky, modern reception hall. An outstanding team of in-house planners takes care of the hard parts, so you just have to show up and act handsome. Flexible menus suits all kinds of cuisine, and with several pre-made options available, conceptualizing the evening becomes easier. Regardless of the size of your party, Antique can accommodate your needs; they’ve partnered up with other events spaces around the greater Montreal area and can refer you elsewhere, in good care, should you outgrow them. 6086 Sherbrooke St. East 514 255 2922.

Club Mount Stephen
The banquet manager at Club Mount Stephen [pictured] has held the post for twenty years, expertly organizing and launching events that range from small birthday parties to large weddings. Clearly, it’s down to a science, here. The Club’s extensive facilities include a rooftop terrace and customized four-course menus, covering every base from DJs to flower arrangements to cakes and pastries. 1440 Drummond 514 849 7338 x252.

Le Chateâubriand
Newly renovated, Chateâubriand offers three ballrooms for celebration and festivity, each capable of hosting upwards of 500 guests, and all fully outfitted with sprawling bars and massive dance floors. Even pragmatists like to have their cake and eat it too — and what better cake to eat than what the renowned caterers offer at Chateâubriand. Not convinced? Feel free to schedule a tasting in advance. 7985 Maurice-Duplessis 514 494 8585.

The Hotel
Available for either ceremonies, pre- or post-wedding celebrations, or all of the above, the infamous W Hotel takes wedding planning to the boutique level. They even have a “Wow Vow specialist.” (Really.) Whether you’re looking for something simple, like tailored food services, or extravagant such as, say, a private jet to your honeymoon destination, The W is right by your side. St Lucia, anyone? 901 Square Victoria 1-866-716-8101.

Image courtesy of Club Mount Stephen.

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