Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton Reno

Things have been hectic lately. Nothing you can’t handle, of course. And nothing a quick getaway can’t smooth over… If the pursuit of life’s luxuries is what you’re after, welcome to The Ritz-Carlton Montreal. The “Grande Dame” of Sherbrooke Street made its debut in 1912 but closed in 2008. This … Read More

Driving Distance, Calgary: Winter Escapes

Two weeks in Bora Bora might not be realistic for you this winter, but fun in the sun can be overrated. There are many world-class accommodation options within a two-hour drive of Calgary; any of them make celebrating the seasonal frost cooler than cruising on a catamaran. Here, five quick … Read More

Montreal Wedding Ceremonies: Non-Churches

A wedding is a wedding is a wedding. Sure, someone might have a few things to say about the flower arrangements but, really, top priority after the getting hitched part involves ensuring that the food/drink and entertainment components go off hitchless. When you can’t rely on Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn to complete … Read More

Boutique Hotels in Calgary

When all you need is a place to recharge, there’s nothing wrong with a nice clean room at the Hilton or the Holiday Inn. The seasoned traveler, though, desires a little more style to his stay. Calgary has fully embraced the North American accommodations industry’s push for boutique hotels, rich … Read More

Boutique Hotels in Toronto

Just a few years ago, Toronto was poised to put another “world-class city” feather in its delicate cap, as cachet real estate and hotel development started staking land claims left and right. Then the recession hit, the Gansevoort Hotel project went on indefinite hiatus, the Templar Hotel showed no signs … Read More

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