Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton Reno

Things have been hectic lately.

Nothing you can’t handle, of course.

And nothing a quick getaway can’t smooth over…

If the pursuit of life’s luxuries is what you’re after, welcome to The Ritz-Carlton Montreal. The “Grande Dame” of Sherbrooke Street made its debut in 1912 but closed in 2008. This summer, following a jaw-dropping $200 million renovation, the hotel is once again perfectly poised to recapture its claim as the most elegant address in Montreal. While the lobby and public spaces retain much of their original charm, vast updates are especially prominent in private places.

The 98 guest rooms and 31 suites (32 if you count the 4,700 square foot showstopper Royal Suite) capture the sleek aesthetic and boast contemporary amenities a modern gentleman demands (once you’ve tried a self-raising toilet seat, you’ll never want to touch porcelain again). Decompress with drinks by a roaring fire (most rooms feature marble fireplaces original to the 1912 hotel) and don’t fret about fumbling your way through the dark: the rooms feature motion sensors that activate lights to guide you safely into bed (or the bathroom).

Should you crave something more, like something to eat, head down to the lobby and one of the country’s most-buzzed about new restaurants, Maison Boulud. Home to the latest outpost of superstar chef Daniel Boulud, think traditional French culinary roots remade to suit the restaurant’s modern setting. Go for the food, but savour the impeccable service.

But most Montrealers know what you’re really after, and so does the charming concierge, Anna. She’ll gladly point you on your way to the city’s top poutine stops. Her gravy-laden insight might just surprise you.


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  1. Service at The RItz is indeed renown. Glad to see they kept that up along with much of the original charm.

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