Old Men and the Grammys

No, the Grammys aren’t broken because [insert Chris Brown anything].

Complaining about the Grammys is perennial and inevitable, because the structure of the award giving, which is flawed, is also etched in stone: the representatives of yesteryear weighing in on the acts of today.

The systemic issues in the Grammy voting pool are unlikely to change: younger artists and industry professionals will, in general, participate less, as will artists from less-established genres, whatever those might be three decades from now. Older voters will continue to vote long after they are past their peak relevance.

Despite the second-highest ratings since 1993, Jon Caramanica argues that history will look back and frown. Overall, it’s a great piece and you should go read it now.

[Grammys Measure Present by the Past – The New York Times]

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