The Budget-Friendly Guide to Buying Abroad

With summer ending, it’s time to start planning that winter getaway. But this year, instead of blowing cash on a hotel, consider taking advantage of that depressed global real estate market: Invest in property abroad. But where?

When you buy a house, the best value is in up-and-coming neighbourhoods. The same applies here: Look for countries on the up-and-up, where the retirees haven’t yet arrived but solid infrastructure and rule of law have. And remember: More than an investment, this is a home. So make sure you love it. Here’s where to start your global house hunt:

This Central American nation is rougher than its southern neighbour, pricey Costa Rica, but top-notch surfing, an unbeatable climate – and tremendous deals – are attracting bargain hunters.
$20,000 gets you a 6,000 square-foot lot near San Juan Del Sur’s 14 white-sand beaches.

After a brief, promising financial recovery, Argentina’s in shambles again. Which means deals! Deals! Deals!
$135,000 gets you a three-bedroom flat in downtown Buenos Aires, home to beautiful women, thick steaks and strong coffee.

Forget Italy. Since declaring independence in 1995, Croatia’s been attracting jetsetters with pristine beaches and a unique blend of European cultures.
$400,000 gets you a four-bedroom apartment just outside Dubrovnik (above), a UNESCO-protected town that overlooks the yacht-filled waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Often overlooked, Ecuador is the most biologically diverse country in the world, and it’s home to some of the world’s best-preserved Spanish colonial architecture.
$90,000 gets you a 17th century-style condo in Quito, complete with balcony, volcano views and year-round balmy weather.

Image courtesy of Gari.Baldi on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “The Budget-Friendly Guide to Buying Abroad”

  1. Where did you see a three bed flat n B.A. for $25k? I’m no expert in Argentine real estate, but I couldn’t find anything even close to that price range… More like $150k to $200k USD.

  2. Michael: Indeed, you are correct. Our regrets.
    An error somehow occurred in the editing process, and a digit was lost. We’ve corrected it above, and linked to a sample property. Yours for a still very reasonable US $124K! Thanks for your note.

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