The Modern Man’s 7 Best Weekend Reads

Sun Myung Moon’s Lost Eco-utopia – Outside Magazine

Before he died, the founder of the controversial Unification Church send a bunch of his followers into the jungles of Paraguay. Here’s how that worked out.

Kill These Characters at your Own Risk – The New York Times

Killing off a beloved TV character is a dicey prospect… and if you’re not caught up with Downton Abbey, maybe skip this read.

Juice Cleansing for Men: A Guide – Esquire

Can a man survive an all-juice diet? Yes. But can he thrive?

How to Build an Ice Hotel – Mental Floss

Step one: don’t live in Florida.

18 Attributes of Highly Effective Liars – Scientific American

Are you quick-thinking, eloquent, and good at rationing out information? Congratulations, you’ve got a bright political future.

Eleanor Roosevelt and the Soviet Sniper – Smithsonian Magazine

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was only 25 but racked up 309 confirmed kills by the end of 1942, when she visited the US and struck up an unlikely friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt.

Which NHL Coach (or GM) is Getting Fired Next? – Grantland

It’s firing season! Taking all bets!

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