Best Hangover Cures in Toronto

Your stomach is a lava lamp. Your head is pounding. And your pants are totally ruined. How did this happen? It’s hard to say; hangovers can be mysterious. Thankfully, there are some age-old cures for the day after.

1. Bloody Cheap
A well-poured Bloody Mary only costs five bucks at Dakota Tavern‘s phenomenal Sunday Bluegrass Brunch. 249 Ossington Ave., 416-850-4579 .

2. Schvitz it out
Sweat out your toxins in the co-ed Turkish steam room at Hammam Spa, where the air is infused with essential oils. 602 King St. W., 416-366-4772 .

3. Get Buff
Fresh‘s Superbuff shake includes banana for potassium, acai for antioxidants and guarana for energy. Three locations.

4. The Classic
The Tulip Steakhouse has the city’s best sirloin steak and eggs at the best price ($12.75). 1610 Queen St. E., 416-469-5797 .

5. Sop Job
Sop up the booze with thick challah French toast, stuffed with strawberries and topped with fresh fruit coulis at La Palette. 256 Augusta Ave., 416-929-4900 .

6. Herbal Remedy, pt. 1
House of Tea
owner Marisha Golla, formerly of Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Plantation, can whip up a custom-made herbal tea to soothe your soul (and throat). 1015 Yonge St., 416-922-1226 .

7. Herbal Remedy, pt. 2
Sometimes, all you need is a little kindness. Soak up sunshine on the patio of the Kensington’s HotBox Café. 191A Baldwin St., 416-203-6990 .

8. Shed Your Skin
The soothing hot towel shave at the Men’s PowerSpa exfoliates and moisturizes your haggard face. 14 Duncan Street, Lower Level, 416-850-0981 .

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Briody)

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