Essential Bike Gear

You’ve liberated your trusty two-wheeler from winter storage, pumped the tires and lubed the chain. But before you hit the road, read this: Our roundup of essential cycling gear.

MEC Journey Cycling Shorts
If you plan on spending a lot of time in the saddle, invest in these affordable cycling shorts. The lycra-polyester blend provides rapid moisture wicking, and the soft chamois interior offers extra cushioning where you need it most. $43

New York Fahgettaboudit U-lock

Guaranteed to instill fear in the hearts of bike thieves, Kryptonite’s burliest lock features a bolt-cutter resistant 18-mm steel shackle and a hardened steel crossbar as big as a beer bottle. Best of all, it comes backed with a $4500 anti-theft warranty. $89.95

This tiny, well-designed multi-tool comes equipped with 25 tools for roadside repairs, including a chain tool, tire levers and, of course, a bottle opener. $86.99

Oakley O ROKR
Bluetooth-enabled ear buds and a microphone mean these shades allow you to conference with co-workers on your morning commute – or tune it all out by connecting wirelessly to your iPod. $300

Giro Ionos
Protect yourself with the brain bucket endorsed by Lance Armstrong. Made of lightweight yet sturdy composite material, the Ionos boasts a Wind Tunnel Ventilation System: 21 vents to keep your head cool during summer rides. Some proceeds from sales go to Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation. $230

Image courtesy of Jeff Jackson.

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