Booze vs. Pot: Which is the better vice?

Look, we all need to unwind sometimes. And after a long day at work, there’s nothing wrong with sitting back for a little relaxation. Perhaps you’d like a nice glass of wine (or two). Or maybe smoking a joint is more your speed. Either way, you deserve it.

Still, one person can only have so many vices, right? But when it comes to booze vs. pot, is one vice better than the other? Let’s check out the scorecard.

Health: Alcohol and marijuana are probably equally healthy – or more correctly unhealthy – when consumed in moderation. Hell, there are plenty of studies that suggest they’re actually good for you, provided you stick to a relatively benign amount. But if you’re planning to take your vice to the next level, you gotta be careful, especially when it comes to drinking, because there are serious long-term health consequences to consuming too much alcohol. By contrast, the jury is still out on how copious marijuana consumption might affect your health down the road. Winner: Pot.

Culture: When it comes to comparing vices in terms of cultural and social context, it’s more of a toss-up. Alcohol appears to be more of a social vice, since you can consume it in public places – like a bar or restaurant – while pot remains a more hidden vice, relegated to house parties or a surreptitious smoke in a back alley. So, it kinda depends what you’re looking for. If you’re more of a low-key type, maybe pot is for you. But if you like to be more public in your partying, then you might consider booze. Winner: Tie.

Legality: Here’s one where booze has a clear lead, since it’s perfectly legal in most places to consume and carry alcohol. (Laws related to consuming booze in public places have also been relaxed in certain places and situations.) Marijuana, on the other hand, remains illegal in most places (though there is certainly a growing trend toward legalization, or at least decriminalization). So if you’re paranoid about getting busted and having to engage with shady dealers, you should probably stick to the drink. Winner: Booze.

Cost: Another close call here. The truth is that neither vice is particularly expensive so long as you keep consumption low, and a cost analysis depends heavily on what sort of quality you’re after. The price disparity between a small joint and a pint of beer is negligible, but if you’re an avid scotch drinker, or have a strong preference for boutique weed (and know where to get it), the cost is obviously going to rise. Winner: Tie.

So there you have it. Which vice is better? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for and how much you want to risk. It also depends on if you can find a good supply of weed, one that isn’t going to rip you off or plunge you into a shady world of criminality. Presuming you can find a good supply channel,  you can’t really go wrong with either weed or drink, so long as you do not to enjoy either of them too much.



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