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Cannabis Cultivation Has Drastic Environmental Risks

With plans to legalize marijuana before this July in Canada, there have been recent discussions about what cannabis production will look like and how it will affect the environment. Because marijuana plants require a lot of water and artificial light when grown indoors, they consume a lot of energy. Naturally, there … Read More

Booze vs. Pot: Which is the better vice?

Look, we all need to unwind sometimes. And after a long day at work, there’s nothing wrong with sitting back for a little relaxation. Perhaps you’d like a nice glass of wine (or two). Or maybe smoking a joint is more your speed. Either way, you deserve it. Still, one … Read More

Getting Smoked by CNN

[youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Now that weed is legal in Colorado and Washington state, people are starting to ask the important questions like, “how high can I be and still drive?” Legally? Not very. Washington has set the legal limit of impairment at 5 nanograms per millilitre of blood. We’re not sure how chronic … Read More

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