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Cannabis Cultivation Has Drastic Environmental Risks

With plans to legalize marijuana before this July in Canada, there have been recent discussions about what cannabis production will look like and how it will affect the environment. Because marijuana plants require a lot of water and artificial light when grown indoors, they consume a lot of energy. Naturally, there … Read More

Do Marijuana Smokers Have More Sex?

Drugs and alcohol can interfere with a person’s sexual appetite and performance, depending on what type and how much of a particular substance he or she consumes. A new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine shows that frequent marijuana users actually have more sex than those who don’t … Read More

Booze vs. Pot: Which is the better vice?

Look, we all need to unwind sometimes. And after a long day at work, there’s nothing wrong with sitting back for a little relaxation. Perhaps you’d like a nice glass of wine (or two). Or maybe smoking a joint is more your speed. Either way, you deserve it. Still, one … Read More

The LEAF Pot Growing System

Man, laws are changing rapidly. We’re betting that pot growing will be pretty regular in a few years, and you can do it pretty easily with the LEAF ($1,500). It’s a dedicated pot growing chamber with a state-of-the-art nutrient delivery system and made-for-cannabis growing light. Oh, and there’s a dedicated … Read More

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