Eat Fish For Your Brain’s Health

Want to prevent Alzheimer’s? Good new for you, then: eat fish about once a week.

A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has found that people who regularly eat fish have more voluminous brains than those who do not, and this helps protect them from Alzheimer’s. Specifically, these people have larger grey matter in areas responsible for memory and cognition. How much larger? People who eat fish just once a week have hippocampuses 14% larger than those who do not. That’s a serious number; there’s no drug, supplement, or other way for a brain to increase in mass like that.

Here’s the good news: type of fish didn’t matter. Here’s the (slightly) bad news: preparation does. Frying the fish won’t help. Baking or broiling does. The study doesn’t cover smoked fish, but we bet that’d be fine too. Either way, be a better friend to future you and eat some fish today.

Photo courtesy of Kris Krug

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