Does the Brain Re-position In Zero Gravity?

Spending long periods of time in space affects an astronaut’s brain, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Specifically, the brain floats upwards, decreasing the amount of protective fluid that cushions the organ. It’s unclear whether this movement adversely affects an astronaut’s well-being. Scientists … Read More

Men have bigger brains than women—who’s smarter? Science weighs in

According to a recent study at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, men are more intelligent than women as a result of their larger brain size. On average, men’s brains are approximately 14 percent larger than women’s. The study used MRI scans to identify the brain size of 875 volunteers between the … Read More

How Your Brain Changes During Meditation

To some (and until recently, us), meditation looks an awful lot like sitting. Relaxing, even. However, a recent study has found that a person who is meditating processes more thoughts and feelings than someone who is simply relaxing—but it depends on the type of meditation. The study, published in Frontiers … Read More

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