Montreal’s Best Falafel

Despite this city’s many robust Middle Eastern communities, it ain’t easy to find a good falafel in this town. Too many of these savoury, fried chickpea balls wither under heat lamps, only to be nuked for the occasional vegetarians uninterested in the vertical spit. Here are a few restaurants that get it right.

Falafel Freiha
Why venture all the way to Laval for a sandwich? Because Freiha specializes in falafel, and serves it freshly fried, topped with Lebanese pickles, turnips, tomato, mint, parsley and thick tarator sauce. $2.50, 3858 Boulevard Pérron (Chomedey), 450-686-2446.

La Panthère Verte
This Mile End vegetarian joint offers a money-back guarantee on its Golden Balls sandwich, a pita stuffed with Yemen-style falafels and tahini, plus a fattoush salad on the side. $5.99. 66 St. Viateur St. W., 514-903-7770.

Rumi Grill
The Sufis at Rumi serve falafels two ways: as a hot mezze, in a pita with tomatoes, mint, parsley, pickles and tahini sauce, or as part of the falafel plate, with baladi bread, tomatoes, mint, parsley, pickles and tahini. $5 – $9. 4403 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-670-6770.

Aux Lilas
Take down a vegetarian mega-mezze combo at this cute Lebanese joint and enjoy fresh, crisp falafel balls. Or, get them as an à la carte appetizer. Wash it all down with fine Lebanese wine. $3.25 – $21.50, 5570 Parc Ave., 514-271-1453.

It’s greasy, it’s open late and it’s on Crescent Street. But Boustan’s falafel sandwich – with extra hot peppers, of course – tastes damn good sober, too. $2.25 – $6.25, 2020A Crescent St., 514-843-3576.

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  1. Shameless plug here but seriously our Restaurant has the best Falafels in the city and at 1.99$ for a soup, sandwich and drink you got to try. We been doing it for over 15 years! Restaurant Nilufar at 1923 St Catherine St. W

  2. thank you i’ve been looking for this place for a while now! my friend showed it to me last year or so and i’ve been trying to remember and search for it forever ^^

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