A Windowless Windows?

Word on the street (inasmuch as Twitter and blogs can be described using clichéd ’80s slang), is that the long-shuttered Windows Restaurant at Toronto’s Skydome Rogers Centre is slated to be transformed into an open porch that all fans can walk through.

Though the timeline is unclear, here’s hoping it can be restored to it’s former glory.

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OK, maybe that’s setting the bar a little low. How about Milwaukee’s aptly named Miller Park?

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Aside from the legions of pasty and rotund Wisconsonians, that’s more like it.

Blue Jays’ president Paul Beeston has indicated the Rogers Centre is due for a $250M in retrofits and renovations over the next decade. While it almost seems like you could buy a new stadium for that price, we wouldn’t complain about having a significantly improved place to drink (not to mention real grass) by 2014.

[Open Air Windows Restaurant Among $250-Million In Planned Renovations – DJF]

Miller Park photos courtesy of thehappyyoungster

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