Top 10 Deadly V-Day Gifts

Knowing what she wants is tough. Let’s start with what she doesn’t.

1. Nothing
Some think they’re better off because they’re always wrong, anyway. This is probably the worst thing you can do.

2. Self-improvement books, videos, fitness-related anything.
She knows she’s not perfect, but she wants to believe that you believe she is.

3. Cookbooks
These insinuate that you are more concerned with her domestic capabilities. Not a good idea, no matter how hungry you are.

4. Box of assorted chocolates
Instead, get boutique truffles — just 3 or 4 pieces — so she will know that you see her as person who has refined taste, not a Russell Stover-munching glutton.

5. Lingerie
A Cardinal V-Day sin. If you really want to (attempt to) live out your Dita von Teese fantasies, try to buy it as a casual gift. Also, good luck!

6. Home accessories
It’s not romantic and not personal. If you really want to cozy up at home this Valentine’s, opt for a luxurious cashmere blanket, instead.

7. Cheap jewelry
Not unless it’s something extremely personal, i.e. handmade or with significant underlying meaning. You don’t want her to think of your relationship as a disposable trinket or bauble.

8. Purse/clutch
Unless you can surprise her by getting exactly what she’s been dreaming of, you’re basically buying a gift receipt.

9. Perfume
A common mistake that men make with perfume is buying her something that they like. If, for some reason, she actually smells bad, try high-end bath products or a day at an exclusive spa.

10. Any old wine
If it ain’t bubbling, it’s troubling.

Keep these tips in mind and your Valentine’s (and all other gift-giving occasions) should come off without a hitch or, at least, less catastrophically.

Good luck!
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