Breaking: Our Love of Baseball on the Radio

When Blue Jays’ radio analyst Alan Ashby regrettably (but not unsurprisingly) accepted the overtures of his hometown Houston Astros, we knew that finding a replacement who combined Ashby’s thoughtful, measured, cliché-averse insight with his baseball experience would be tough, if not impossible.

Turns out, we were right.

Not that we won’t try (to try) to give the former Blue Jay starting pitcher/figure of old-school baseball writing myth, Jack Morris, the benefit of the doubt… or, at least, make an anticipatory drinking game.

The Jack Morris Broadcast Booth Drinking Game We Made Up Just Now

Take 1 drink every time you hear the phrase…

“Team chemistry”
“Learn how to win”
“In 1991…”

Take 2 drinks for…

“Pitching to the score”
“20-game winner”
Any reference to the Minnesota Twins

Turn up your radio, get on your knees and repent if Jack ever says…

“Pitching wins are actually quite meaningless”
“The BBWAA made the right call”
“My moustache brought all the boys to the yard”

So, do you think your liver can handle tuning in to Sportsnet 590 on April 2nd?

[More reactions via Getting Blanked and DJF]

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