Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Risk of Mortality

At risk of heart disease, like many men? Well, then make sure you add more fruits and vegetables to you diet, as they’ve been found to cause a real and significant increase to your cardiovascular health.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the consumption of more than 569 grams of fruits and vegetables per day decreased the risk of mortality by ten per cent and delays said risk by 1.12 years. This was no small study either; the analysis covered 451,151 people over the course of thirteen years, and included 25,682 deaths.

Interesting, the decrease in mortality was greater amongst research subjects with bad habits. Consumption of fruits and vegetables reduced mortality amongst those who consumed alcohol by thirty to forty per cent, and by twenty per cent amongst those who were obese; smokers possibly saw some benefit too. Researchers theorize that this is due to the high antioxidant content of fruits and vegetables.



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