Eating 7 or More Servings of Fruits & Vegetables Lowers Your Death Risk

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are an important—if often neglected—part of the modern diet. Just how important, though? Well, a recent study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has found that eating seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables lowers a person’s risk of death … Read More

Modern Sprout Reclaimed Wood Hydroponic Planter

This planter ($160) looks just like a wood box, right? Concealed within is a hydroponic system that allows you to grow mint, lettuce, chives, tomatoes, kale, basil, or other stuff. It’s ideal for condo-dwellers, especially ones who like to set-and-forget, or ones who like growing fresh food during winter months. … Read More

The Practical Modern Man Makes Soup

It’s winter and, as we all know, winter never ends. Luckily, a practical modern man’s ardour continues to make its warming presence felt in the fireside months. If such a man also had a lady who could use a little thawing après-ski, he could do worse than to begin by … Read More

Boutique Grocery Stores in Toronto

Since the recession first hit, Toronto fine dining has swung decidedly downscale, with the city’s trendy eaters instead becoming enamored with “upscale” versions of traditionally unfussy, economical standbys like eggs, grilled cheese and hamburgers. A curious corollary is that middle class types are more than willing to pay inflated prices … Read More

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