Vices to Virtues

Let’s call a spade a spade. You’ll be smoking by January 15, among other things. Because of that, XYYC has decided to substitute the usual New Year’s resolutions with a new tradition: Resolve to indulge. Examples: swap tobacco for cigars, daily Big Macs for premium red meat, women on the internet for women in the flesh – get the picture?
We’re not saying we don’t support those of you who want to make the usual resolutions. All we’re saying is it’s always good to have a Plan B. And so, we kick off 2008 with our first annual Vices to Virtues list.
To cut back, trade the smokes for a weekly Montecristo No. 4 from Canadian Cigar Company.
Red Meat
Ditch the Big Macs for prime cut steaks at Ruth’s Chris or Vintage Chop House and Tavern. Still want a burger? Try the Blackfoot Truck Stop off of Deerfoot.
We’d never suggest giving up beer, but we do recommend adding the following fine wine and spirit shops to your repertoire: Willow Park Wine and Spirits, J.Webb, The Cellar, Metrovino, Centre Street Wine and Spirits, and, of course, Richmond Hills Wine.
Think outside of the Tim Horton’s/Starbucks box by visiting Roasterie (home-roasted beans) and Higher Ground (kitschy) in Kensington, Beano’s (sexy yoga set) on 9 St. SW, or Mercato (Italian deli/restaurant) on 4 St. SW.
Goodbye shameful, dirty web smut, hello XYYC’s eye-candy list. Coming soon. (You won’t have to wait long but, trust us, resolutions build character.)
Happy New Year from The Guys at XYYC
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