Where to Watch the World Cup in Calgary

Because soccer without beer would be like Christmas without snow, the city offered up special events permits to a handful of local drinking establishments for the World Cup, which kicks off on Friday. Here, some of the best pubs for 8 a.m. World Cup action. How you get through the rest of the workday is up to you.

The Ship and Anchor
Twenty years ago, the Ship was born out of a clubhouse of avid soccer fans quite fond of their suds. The tradition prevails. The extended liquor license comes with the condition that food must also be on hand; the Ship will no doubt deliver with their solid pub breakfasts. 534-17th Ave. SW, 403-245-3333.

Melrose Cafe and Bar
Down the block from the Ship, Melrose will also be opening its doors at 8 a.m. Interior stylings are far more contemporary and sports bar-ish than the Ship; so too are its plasma screens – some of the biggest and best in town. 730-17th Ave. SW, 403-228-3566.

The Garage Sports & Billards
Located downtown in the Eau Claire Market, the Garage is a classic sports pub with HDTV galore. Great for the business dude who’ll have an easy, 10-minute stumble to the office after catching some early morning action. 195-200 Barclay Parade SW, 403-262-6762.

Calgary’s Best Pubs
Though this new generation of old-style pubs may seem a touch pre-fab, they’re still reliable spots for fresh, frosty pints and big screen entertainment. This group includes Dixon’s, The Kilkenny, Limericks, Seanachie’s, Joyce on 4th and Donegal’s. Locations vary.

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2 thoughts on “Where to Watch the World Cup in Calgary”

  1. interestingly enough, OWEN HARGREAVES OWNS THE THREE CROWNS PUB IN WOODBINE, you think that might be a good place to watch some footie?

  2. This morning we were at the Redwater Rustic Grille for the game. It’s a classy business crowd who love the game. The bar said they’ll try to show all the games. Champagne and OJ were being served.

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