Signs She’s Cheating

You don’t need to look at her cellphone bill to know she’s been in bed with another man. Here, some subtle signs she may be straying.

She Has Her Technology on Lockdown
She used to leave her laptop open and logged on and her cellphone sitting around, but now neither can be found. She’s doing due diligence to ensure you don’t creep on her accounts and find incriminating messages.

“We” Becomes “I”
Listen carefully: She no longer says things like, “We like Thai,” or “We’re going to a party on Saturday.” Once she’s emotionally checked out, she starts to verbally assert her independence.

She Stops Nagging You
Suddenly, she doesn’t mind that you’re hanging out with your buddies too much. In fact, it’s rather convenient for her. Want to go away on a weekend in Vegas with the boys? Her pleasure. Really.

Photo Evidence of You Vanishes
Pictures of you and your lady have disappeared from her fridge and her bedside table. After all, no new guy wants to look at your mug when he’s with your girl. Her Facebook profile photo is now a solo shot.

Her Social Schedule Changes
Your lady’s been going to lots of girls’ nights out lately. And stagettes. But not weddings.
She knows most guys happily accept a weekend of freedom – but it’s time for you to start asking some questions.

Work Gets Crazy
She says she’s working overtime – and in a sense, it may be truer than you’d like it to be. If she’s never worked long evenings before, raise at least half an eyebrow.

Image courtesy of Mait Jüriado.


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