B.C. Craft Breweries

British Columbia’s beer industry is continually growing — such is true, of course, in terms of the entire Canadian craft brew industry. Most breweries are open for tours and tasting, and numerous local liquor stores have dedicated sections for these unique beers (in mainland Vancouver, we suggest Brewery Creek Liquor … Read More

NHL Countdown, Calgary

The 2011/2012 NHL season is a big one for Calgary Flames fans. Big like the last three have been, in that this is the year many questions will be answered. Namely, will the Flames get to the playoffs and restore 17th Ave. to its glorious Red Mile days, or disgrace … Read More

Toronto’s Best Pub Quiz Nights

Once a distinctly British phenomenon, pub quiz nights have taken on a life of their own in Toronto. Here, five of Toronto’s best. Monthly Magpie Trivia Nights Magpie runs its own quiz night, which means you’re as likely to hear questions about old-school professional wrestling as ancient Babylonian history. It’s … Read More

Where to Watch the World Cup in Montreal

With the Grand Prix behind us, Montreal’s attention is focused on the World Cup, and loyalties are divided. Join the rabid fans in these five neighbourhoods: The Plateau: Portugal & Brazil At Portuguese-owned Frappé, fans celebrate (or grieve) with sangria on its two terraces. Nearby, Champs, which boasts 70-plus TVs, … Read More

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