Where to Watch World Cup in Calgary, Part 2

Last week, we presented you with the local pubs that managed to snag a license to open – and serve booze – early in the morning during the World Cup tourney. In the process, however, we sadly overlooked a few gems that some readers were kind enough to point out. And so: Where to watch the World Cup in Calgary, round two.

The Drum and Monkey
Like the Ship, this downtown pub also grew out of ex-pats’ fondness for soccer and suds. No doubt the big screen will be down for the major matches. The Drum is hardcore country when it comes to their teams – and beer on tap. 1201 1 St. SW, 403-261-6674.

Unicorn Pub
Also in the heart of the city, smack dab downtown, this is one of the friendliest trad pubs in the city; it’s been around for over 30 years. The Unicorn is a cozy space with a great central viewing area and a big drop-down screen. 304 8 Ave. SW, 403-234-8816.

Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub
Another cozy downtown trad pub, Bill’s doors have been open since 1980. This place has a history of soccer madness; be prepared for fanaticism. 140 10 Ave. SW, 403-263-7900.

Fiddler’s Courtyard
Calgary’s newest British pub promises to be a serious contender for soccer buffs. Located just outside the downtown core, these elegant digs channel true Brit hipness thanks to the owners’ roots in Glasgow. 723 Edmonton Trail NE, 403-250-5065.

Mimo Restaurant & Lounge
Located in Forest Lawn, Mimo’s is the Portuguese place to be. It’s also the mullet of restaurants: Fine dining’s in the front, raucous disco sports bar is in the back. 4909 17 Ave. SE, 403-235-3377.

Image courtesy of Peter Fuchs.


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  1. missed the first article, could you send the link? I like to know too what country the bar is likely to support (if known) like you mentioned in the last two of the part 2 article. thanks – great helpful site

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