Worried About Heart Attacks? Eat More Fibre

Worried about a potential heart attack, or recovering from one? You should be—it’s the mostly likely thing to kill you.

That said, a study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that a way to mitigate that risk—or recover—is to eat fibre. Researchers questioned 4,000 heart attack survivors about their diet, and nine years later followed to see who’d died in the meantime (which was a quarter of the subjects—even surviving heart attacks can be rough). The group of people who’d eaten fibre regularly reduced their risk of death by twenty-five per cent compared with those who ate the least. Even a ten gram per day increase (one bowl of bran or two apples) reduces death risk by fifteen per cent.

We know it’s painful, but: that crappy, grit-like cereal may be saving your life. If that makes you sad, just head to the bar post-cereal: that’s good for your mental health.

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