Afraid of Death? Try Some Human Touch

Do you have low self-esteem and a crippling fear of death? Well, we have a cure for you: a brief but gentle touch. No, seriously: some scientists studied this.

The study, which, I must emphasize is real, was published in Psychological Science. For the study, a team of Dutch researchers gathered sixty participants who were given exams that measured both fear of death and relative self-esteem. A female experimenter passed out the exams, lightly touching about half of the participants on the back as she went by. Those whom she touched reported less fear of death—but only if they also had low self-esteem. Participants with high self-esteem weren’t helped in any way.

So, have low self-esteem but also a shortage of Dutch female researchers willing to give you a light pat on the back? Well, we’re not saying you should, but apparently holding a sign that says “Kiss me I’m desperate” works . . . though maybe get rid of that Movember ‘stache.

Photo courtesy of Thomas S. 


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