The Shared Delusions of Liberals & Conservatives

When it comes to political positions, it appears that we’re all a bit delusional. More to the point, liberals tend to underestimate the amount of agreement amongst those who share their political position, whilst conservatives tend to overestimate how much other conservatives agree with each other. A study published in … Read More

Why We Think That Trustworthy People Look Like Us

Lots goes in to whether we consider someone trustworthy—their flair, their credit rating, whether or not they wear a top hat and Snidely Whiplash twirled moustache. Past studies have shown that we’re more inclined to trust people who look like us. However, a recent study has found that it works … Read More

How Capturing the Moment Ruins the Moment

Ever crack open your lighter just as Willie Nelson is getting ready to start crooning a soothing ballad, only to have approximately five billion people around you whip out their smartphones . . . or worse, iPads? Well, now there’s science to back up what every non-annoying person has known … Read More

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