Vote for a Cat for Mayor of Xalapa

The citizens of a Mexican city are fed up with their politicians or “rats” as they call them, so they are choosing a candidate that fits their needs, a cat.

According to Reuters, Morris the Cat is running for mayor of Xalapa, the capital city of Veracruz. Morris’ owner, Sergio Chamorro and his friends were frustrated with Veracruz politicians and so put Morris’ name forward as a joke. Their campaign slogan: “Fed up of voting for rats? Vote for a cat.” The campaign’s Facebook page soon went viral, with more than 125,000 likes.

But Morris has competition. Other pet owners around Mexico fed up with their government have also launched campaigns for donkeys and chickens to hold political office. Morris and his owner are hoping the people of Xalapa write in the cat’s name at the ballot box, as he is technically not an officially registered candidate.

We here at DailyXY just hope Morris doesn’t get embroiled in a catnip controversy, as mayors and addictive substances seem to go together pretty well in Toronto. Or give out favours to his litter mates and fall into corruption like a certain former mayor of Montreal. In fact, this whole animal for mayor thing sounds pretty good. They can’t do a worse job than those guys, right? Next election, show your Canadian pride and vote for a moose.


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