Dating an Older Guy

Two weeks ago, XY Canada did a survey about age differences and dating. I read the comments that followed Ask Mr. Smith’s column and I have thoughts!

Currently, I’m dating a guy who’s 10 years older than me. Here are five reasons why my current lover is better than my ex who was two years younger than me.

Experience: Usually, an older guy has had some serious training from past girlfriends. He’s most likely had his heart broken, sewn back together, he knows how to lose a fight to win me over, he knows to never shout. Plus, he’s been through family dinners and vacations; he knows how to talk to my parents, buy presents, mix drinks, tie a tie, host a dinner party, drive a car, make me come.

Food: He’s gone beyond two food groups (beer, pizza) and is possibly even interested in cooking. In fact, he is interested in cooking for me and cooking a dish that is not pasta. He may or may not know about wine – bottom line, he doesn’t need to finish a bottle every time.

Sex: He knows what he wants, and he also knows what I want. How? He asks me what I want. He listens. He executes. He is good. Better.

Fun: Guess what? I don’t have to swear off clubs, parties and concerts – I might do less of them but since food and sex are so good, I don’t really mind coming home earlier. Also, an older dude won’t throw up if I suggest ballet or the opera.

Living: First of all, an older guy usually owns his own place. That’s right, no slobby roommates or mommy yelling to take out the trash. Secondly, he usually knows that “Fantastic” is a cleaner, not just an expression to describe my legs, and he hasn’t set a dirty sock on the floor since 1985.

This is a test