How to Win a Fight

Like interpretive dance performances and Winnipeg winters, fights are best avoided. Talk your way out of it. Run. Whatever: Even Bruce Lee avoided scrapping in the street lest some thug nail a lucky shot. But on rare occasions, fights are truly inevitable. For those unfortunate moments, follow the three rules of renowned MMA trainer and karate master Shah Franco, and you’ll (hopefully) come out (relatively) unscathed.

1. Stay calm, be focused
A fight is like a game show, says Franco. You’re under extreme pressure to come up with answers fast, so an “adrenaline dump” hits your system, while the “questions” (kicks, punches, etc.) come at lightning speed. To win, you need to be focused and in control of your emotions.

2. Chin down, hands up
When guys are about to fight, their arms instinctively open and lower to the sides, and their chins come up: “Like peacocks showing their feathers,” says Franco. You want to do the exact opposite: Your chin and throat are weak spots. Get your arms up and in front of you; negotiate with your hands. Put your chin down to lessen the chances of getting knocked out.

3. Hug and trip
The easiest move for an untrained fighter, says Franco, is a technical “hug.” Come at your opponent from an angle that allows you to avoid knees, elbows or head butts. Wrap their arms. Place your ear against his chest. Once you’ve got him wrapped up, start talking, try to calm him down. When that doesn’t work, trip and run. Remember that escape is always your first line of defence.

Image courtesy of Polina Sergeeva.


3 thoughts on “How to Win a Fight”

  1. If you can’t get away, remember: eyes, nose, throat, and groin. Don’t stand up and trade punches – that’s for suckers. There’s nothing manly about a brain injury. Don’t wait for your opponent to make the first move, either: as soon as you believe the fight is unavoidable, strike immediately and as hard as you can for the most vulnerable spot you can hit. Say it with me: Eyes, nose, throat, and groin.

  2. Get yourself a gun preferably a desert eagle or sawed off shotgun , back up a bit, pull it out…take the safety off and aim for his groin area as he might survive and thats a bonus(find out later in court ;)…if you’re a skilled marksman aim for an ear this will sure quiet things down…paaap paaaap paaaap squallleeeeeeee=run

  3. GREAT ADVICE. alaso, stand side ways so as not to expose the width of your body and sensitive parts. Extend your arm and warn not to come any closer than arms arms lenght wich makes you much more vulnerable within this circle. Do everything to not fight. Win it psychologicaly. Nobody is a winner in a fight, You may be gravely harmed or just as bad, gravely harm the other. Trying to stay calm, loose and control your breathing makes all the difference. In inexperienced fights,the one who runs out of breath first is oftn the one who looses. Grabbing and choking is usually what determines outcome and not the punches.

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