The Best Pants for Summer

Jeans are many things to many people, but they are not summer pants. Heavy and slow-to-dry, denim is best worn during the nine or so months of Canadian winter. For summer, opt for lightweight, breathable pants in slim-fitting styles. But what is there beyond jeans?

Levi’s 511 Skinny Twill Trouser
A jeans-alternative from the world’s preeminent maker of jeans, this pant fits similarly to Levi’s classic jeans, only it’s made from lighter, more-breathable cotton twill. US$54

J. Crew Italian Chino Ludlow Suit Pant (pictured above left)
Designed for the office, J.Crew’s Ludlow pant is so modern and slim that it can do double duty on the weekends. The cotton is crafted in Italy, at one of the world’s oldest mills. US$118

Wings + Horns Ventile Field Pant Khaki
Unlike typical cargo pants, these Canadian-made khakis are straight through the thigh with a narrow leg opening. The pockets are unusual, too, as they’re placed near the waist. Made of rugged, tough cotton, these work well on stylish camping trips – or cool summer evenings. US$228

Toddland Greatest Pants in the Universe (pictured above right)
Toddlands’ signature pant is a classic, made with a light and durable polyester-cotton blend. If not the greatest pants in the universe, these could be in the top 100. US$58

Unis Gio Chino
Heralded in Details as “the perfect chinos,” these slim-fitting, updated khakis are the result of nearly a decade of work by New York design sensation Eunice Lee. These are hearty, structured pants that will carry you well into fall. US$195


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  1. Slim-fitting may be trendy, but neither comfortable nor suited for really hot and humid weather. Any nice cotton-hemp or cotton-linen blend baggy pants will always be my first choice, and damn the trend.

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