The Roost Laptop Stand

It kinda sucks to use a laptop long-term; you end up with that hunched-over, Cro-Magnon look. The Roost ($65) seeks to change all that. It’s a lightweight and portable laptop stand that jacks your screen up to eyelevel, letting you use your laptop more comfortably as a desktop. They also … Read More

The Urban Mobile Office, Vancouver

When it comes to working on the go, Vancouver offers a multitude of spots where you can grab more than just coffee and a comfy seat and hook into the internet. Aesthetics are the new caffeine, and there’s nothing wrong staking your territory early and staying for a good time … Read More

Laptops: Losing Weight, Keeping Dollars

So, I need a new laptop. My current, a massive 6.4-pound Lenovo 3000, is on its way out: the hinge on the screen was split; the battery depleted; yes, all fixable, it’s true. What isn’t fixable is the fact that I am tired of lugging that monster around. The ‘portable … Read More

The Year’s Best Stuff 2010, Part III

The ’80s mantra “He who dies with the most toys wins” is a load of crap. Acquiring nice things isn’t the point of life, or the secret of happiness. Nevertheless: Sometimes it’s kind of awesome. Here, part three of our four-part series on the year’s 20 best new products (Part … Read More

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